INLY: Art Objects for Your Home with Editions from Renowned Artists

At Agave, we have always valued the beauty and originality of handmade art. With our sister brand, INLY, we take this passion one step further, offering editions from renowned artists, created with the same dedication and skill that characterizes Agave.


INLY's Vision

INLY was born with the vision of bringing art closer to more homes. We believe that art should not be inaccessible, and with INLY, we offer editions from recognized artists at more accessible prices. Each piece is awork of art in itself, created in collaboration with our artisans and the artists, and designed to be both a decoration object and a collector's piece.

 Sergio Galan in front of his studio


Resin and Fiberglass: Durability and Beauty

INLY's pieces are made from a blend of resin and fiberglass, materials that are known for their durability and strength. Unlike other materials, resin and fiberglass are not heavy and fragile, which means that our pieces can withstand daily use without losing their beauty. Moreover, each piece is hand-painted, giving it a unique and special finish.


INLY's Artists

At INLY, we work with a variety of artists, each with their unique style and vision. Currently, we have works from Mauricio Cortes, Sergio Galan, Alexis Zambrano, and Alicia Canales, but we are constantly looking for new talents to add to our collection. Learn more about them at

 Alicia Canales in her studio

How to Care for Your INLY Piece

INLY pieces are durable, but they require proper care to maintain their beauty. We recommend cleaning the pieces with a soft, dry cloth and avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals to maintain the quality of the piece.


In conclusion, INLY is more than an art object brand. It's a way to bring art closer to more people and add a touch of beauty and originality to your home.

You can shop for Inly products available at Agave at our Artist Editions collection page.

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