Artisans and Art

  • Cardinal Points in Wixarika Culture and Their Meanings

    The Wixaritari, or Huicholes, recognize several important sacred places associated with the cardinal points and vital elements for their subsisten...
  • Meet Sergio Galán!

    Sergio Galán has been working with sculpture since 1979, experimenting with materials to develop an original technique through cutting, carving, p...
  • Henequén and Sansevieria: Sustainable Materials for a Conscious Home

    In the quest for a more sustainable and conscious home, the materials we choose for our decor products play a crucial role. At Agave, we are c...
  • ¡Meet Alicia Canales!

    Alicia has always admired nature as a great creator, a creative force that moves us, drives us, and gives us life. It is full of color, shape, tex...
  • Huichol Art: An Ancestral Tradition Full of Color and Meaning

    Huichol art is a form of cultural expression that has fascinated the world with its richness in color and meaning. Originating from the Huichol culture, one of the few pre-Columbian cultures still surviving in Mexico, this art reflects their religious beliefs and rituals. In this article, we will explore the beauty and depth of Huichol art.

  • INLY: Art Objects for Your Home with Editions from Renowned Artists

    At Agave, we have always valued the beauty and originality of handmade art. With our sister brand, INLY, we take this passion one step further, offering editions from renowned artists, created with the same dedication and skill that characterizes Agave.

  • Onyx: A Touch of Good Luck and Positive Vibes in Your Home

    At Agave, we cherish the unique beauty and craftsmanship involved in creating our marble and onyx pieces. Each piece can take up to three weeks to...
  • Handmade Hammocks: The Comfort and Beauty of a Yucatecan Tradition

    Hammocks are a symbol of relaxation and comfort, but in Yucatan, they are much more than that. They are an integral part of daily life and a tradition passed down from generation to generation. At Agave, we are proud to be part of this tradition, offering hammocks handmade by Julia, Micaela, and their family, expert artisans from Yucatan.

  • Poblana Talavera: A Journey Through the History of an Artisan Tradition

    The Poblana Talavera, globally recognized for its beauty and quality, is a form of ceramics that has been kept alive through the centuries. Its origin and evolution are a testament to the fusion of cultures and the persistence of artisan traditions. At Agave, we are proud to be a part of this tradition, offering authentic and high-quality Poblana Talavera pieces.

  • General Benefits of Playing Chess: More Than a Game, a Personal Development Tool

    Chess, a strategy game that has withstood the test of time, is much more than a simple pastime. This game, which requires critical and strategic thinking skills, offers a range of benefits that go beyond the board. Here we present some of the general benefits of playing chess. Shop our chessboards at

  • Marble Chess Boards from Agave: Sophistication and Elegance in Every Game

    Chess is a strategy game that has been cherished for centuries. At Agave, we elevate this classic game to a new level of elegance with our handmade marble chess boards at Agave.

  • Talavera Dishes from Agave: Art and Elegance for Your Table

    Talavera is more than just ceramics; it's an art form that has been a part of Mexican culture for centuries. At Agave, we take pride in working with the most outstanding artisans from Puebla, whose skills and dedication are reflected in each of our Talavera dishes.