Talavera Dishes from Agave: Art and Elegance for Your Table

Talavera is more than just ceramics; it's an art form that has been a part of Mexican culture for centuries. At Agave, we take pride in working with the most outstanding artisans from Puebla, whose skills and dedication are reflected in each of our Talavera dishes. 

traditional talavera place setting in black for shop agave


The creation process of Talavera dishes is an art in itself. It begins with the modeling of clay on a wheel, followed by sun drying. Then, artisans hand paint each dish with unique designs before baking them to seal the colors and ensure their durability. This meticulous process can take several weeks, but the final result is a beautiful and unique dish that is as functional as it is decorative.

Our Talavera dishes are distinguished by their unique and modern design. Unlike traditional Talavera, our dishes feature contemporary designs that adapt to any home decor. Additionally, each dish bears the signature of the artisan who created it, adding a personal touch that pays tribute to the talent and dedication of these master craftsmen.

artesan hand paints talavera vase for shop agave

One of our artesans in Puebla working on a geometric vase

One of our most memorable projects was the creation of an exclusive design for a hacienda in Los Cabos. We worked closely with the owners to design a dinnerware set that reflected the beauty and charm of their home, even including the name of the hacienda at the bottom of each piece. This project is a perfect example of how Talavera dishes from Agave can be customized to fit any style or atmosphere.


About out pieces:

Taking care of your Talavera dishes from Agave is easy. We recommend washing them by hand to maintain their shine and avoiding the microwave to protect the vibrant colors. With the right care, your Talavera dishes from Agave will continue to be a centerpiece on your table for many years.


Talavera dishes for Shop Agave

Traditional place setting in Beige

At Agave, we are proud to offer Talavera dishes of the highest quality that combine tradition with modern design. We invite you to explore our collection and discover for yourself how these dishes can transform your dining experience.

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